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Strange Fish: My browser history (4-10 April)

If anyone ever had to check my browser history, I think they’d be very confused, if not outright shocked.  As a writer, my internet search history is full of strange fish, which is how I refer to the insane collection of seemingly random topics I have to research while writing. So I thought it might […]

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Author interview

So anyway, this is why I have to get up at 5:30am each day . . .

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Asimov Foundation

Apple’s Foundation Series: Virtue Signalling or True Adaptation?

The structure, pacing and writing of the source material makes it difficult to bring to today’s visual mediums without making substantive changes just to make it work. Provided the core concept remains true to the source, Apple’s adaptation is just that — an adaptation.

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Vikings Attack

Vikings At The Gate

With each passing day, the old gatekeepers of the publishing industry become more and more irrelevant.

And, like the rulers of 8th century Europe faced with countless Viking incursions, they have no idea how to react.

Enter the Vikings.

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Thumb down

No Time To Die – Double Oh No!

With No Time To Die the producers have made the cardinal error of mistaking James Bond films for character stories.

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Elashom cover

New: Dark Short Story Collection

“A lush, clever read of the supernatural and strange featuring six enchanting science fiction and fantasy tales set everywhere from seventeenth-century England to the futuristic darkest reaches of space: the soul of a witch’s boyfriend trapped in a dreamcatcher, a seance with a devilish twist in play format, a declinatory sculptor inspired by William Blake. Every piece is captivating, and a joy to follow Drake’s distinct voice on the page.” – SPR

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SS17 Review


Editorial review for my science fiction parody space opera Space Scrap 17 book 1: The Doomsday Machine is now up over at The Independent Review of Books 😁 😎. Take a raucous ride through endless space, dark humor, and epic strangeness with The Doomsday Machine (Space Scrap 17 Book 1), a wild debut novel from Erick […]

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Doomsday Machine

Space Scrap 17

“If I win, there will be a universe of war, tyranny and sorrow. If you win, there will be a universe of peace, tiramisu and soy.”

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What Is Space Scrap 17?

Space Scrap – the beginning Space Scrap 17 began life in 2010 as an idea for an audio comedy series. Initially developed by Rupert Booth and Erick Drake, the series went through many iterations before being produced in its current form as a series of novels.  Lockdown project In 2020, with the advent of the […]

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Erick Drake

Welcome to my website. My name is Erick Drake and I’m an author of . . . well whatever takes my fancy TBH. But mainly science-fiction, fantasy, the oblique and the odd. And the funny. Check out my latest blog posts below or click the button for more information about yours truly . . .

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