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Apple’s Foundation Series: Virtue Signalling or True Adaptation?

The structure, pacing and writing of the source material makes it difficult to bring to today’s visual mediums without making substantive changes just to make it work. Provided the core concept remains true to the source, Apple’s adaptation is just that — an adaptation.

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Elashom cover

New: Dark Short Story Collection

“A lush, clever read of the supernatural and strange featuring six enchanting science fiction and fantasy tales set everywhere from seventeenth-century England to the futuristic darkest reaches of space: the soul of a witch’s boyfriend trapped in a dreamcatcher, a seance with a devilish twist in play format, a declinatory sculptor inspired by William Blake. Every piece is captivating, and a joy to follow Drake’s distinct voice on the page.” – SPR

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Doomsday Machine

Space Scrap 17

“If I win, there will be a universe of war, tyranny and sorrow. If you win, there will be a universe of peace, tiramisu and soy.”

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What Is Space Scrap 17?

Space Scrap – the beginning Space Scrap 17 began life in 2010 as an idea for an audio comedy series. Initially developed by Rupert Booth and Erick Drake, the series went through many iterations before being produced in its current form as a series of novels.  Lockdown project In 2020, with the advent of the […]

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Space Battle Cruiser

The Expanse

The Expanse is arguably one of the greats of modern space opera. The Expanse is arguably one of the greats of modern space opera. This review explores what makes the series and the books it’s based on so compelling for audiences. Like Battlestar Galactica, The Expanse began its life on Syfy before being cancelled and […]

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