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The Expanse is arguably one of the greats of modern space opera.

The Expanse is arguably one of the greats of modern space opera. This review explores what makes the series and the books it’s based on so compelling for audiences.

Like Battlestar Galactica, The Expanse began its life on Syfy before being cancelled and ultimately purchased by Amazon Prime for the two final seasons. One of the first things you’ll notice about this TV show is that it looks absolutely incredible. This is an ambitious series and money has certainly been poured in to ensure that the special effects and visuals live up to expectations. The effects even seem to improve after you get to the later seasons when Amazon purchased the show and gave it new life. While the dark aesthetic may take a little time to get used to some episodes could be mistaken for being made with a blockbuster type budget.

The Expanse is adapted from a series of books of the same name by James SA Corey. This is the pen name for a duo of writers, Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. The story details events that occur in the 23rd century with Earth and Mars on the brink of a devastating war.  Between the two is the asteroid belt and a space-station known as Ceres. This is where both planets get their resources and the people who live on Ceres are known as Belters.

Critics are delighted with the adaption of the novels, describing it as a complete game changer for Scif-fi TV. While the series is complex and doesn’t immediately reveal the heroes, the villains or even who the main characters are, this makes it incredibly appealing. The TV show begins by telling three parallel stories that seemingly have no connection to one another before the pieces in place are revealed.

Similar to Babylon 5, there’s every reason to believe that a story not dissimilar to The Expanse could lie in our future. Politics run rampant and the rich still rule.

The current season, playing out on Amazon Prime at time of writing, is said to be the last so if you have not already watched it, make sure you add The Expanse to your watchlist ASAP and get ready for some full on binge watching. Whether you choose to binge watch this epic tale or turn the page, you’re in for a thrilling and fascinating ride.

New episodes of The Expanse – season 5 are currently available every Wednesday on Amazon Prime.

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I thought the book was superbly written, with brilliantly drawn settings and characters. The author weaved a well-crafted and hilarious space adventure that will captivate the reader from the opening chapter.

Thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it. A well deserved five stars from me and looking forward to reading more from this talented writer.

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