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Elashom Anthologies

Elashom The Great Refuses and other stories

available November 22nd 2021.

A lovelorn witch and her scheming cat, a carpenter who manifests revenge through alchemy, a star spanning genocidal AI and a sculptor of such skill that his creations come to life.

From witchcraft in 17th century England to the loneliest outreaches of the galaxy, from the scourge of The Edict to the slaughter of the black death.

With Elashom The Great Refuses and Other Stories, Erick Drake brings you six new tales of sci-fi and magical fantasy ranging from the dark to the darkly comic.

This volume includes;

  • The Carpenter’s Tale
  • Intercambio
  • Late
  • Riven
  • The Other Side
  • Elashom The Great Refuses

“Erick’s ability to embrace the language of the various climes in which he places his characters is magical, and the variety of the stories is multidimensional. For pure entertainment, this collection of shorties is another winner. Erick Drake is rapidly becoming a major voice in sci-fi literature – from fright to giggles! Highly recommended.” – Amazon Review

“A lush, clever read of the supernatural and strange featuring six enchanting science fiction and fantasy tales set everywhere from seventeenth-century England to the futuristic darkest reaches of space: the soul of a witch’s boyfriend trapped in a dreamcatcher, a seance with a devilish twist in play format, a declinatory sculptor inspired by William Blake. Every piece is captivating, and a joy to follow Drake’s distinct voice on the page.” – SPR

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Space Scrap 17 Book 2

1960s Purple Sex Gas

A brand new comedy space opera series

It’s been a tough time for Captain Daisy Daryl. She’s faked her captain’s competency rating, battled an ancient alien doomsday machine, and ended up with the last person she’d ever want as her executive officer – her ex.

And her science officer’s boobs are amazing. Which wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t flaunt it.

Now, she just wants a peaceful assignment where she can relax and learn how to do freighter captain stuff. But the admiral has other ideas. Illegal, toxic ideas.

Tasked with an errand of mercy to save the victims of Plagues Disease, she is ordered to transport a vast quantity of illegal, highly toxic gas, a relic from the 1960s of old Earth.

For the crew, this is a concern. For the ship’s psychotic doctor, it is the missing ingredient she needs to recreate a legendary figure from the past. Because, as the chief engineer is to discover, contact with the 1960s Purple Sex Gas causes some unusual mutations. Seven-foot tall, slavering-death-monster-type mutations.

Featuring bum-headed telepaths, an Exposition Officer and holiday destinations in the Cotswolds, Space Scrap 17: 1960s Purple Sex Gas is the second book in the bestselling Space Scrap series by Erick Drake, and perfect for fans of absurd, space based things and stuff.

‘Like watching a sunrise post-surgery through fentanyl and propofol goggles!’ Editorial Review

“I thought the book was superbly written, with brilliantly drawn settings and characters. The author weaved a well-crafted and hilarious space adventure that will captivate the reader from the opening chapter.” – Amazon Review

“I’m not really a big fan of comedy books, but in this case I liked how the author builds a well developed story and plays with comedy and seriousness, knowing how to have a perfect balance in all senses that I really liked. In general it is a good book to entertain and have a good time.” – Amazon Review

1960s Purple Sex Gas: A space opera comedy-drama (Space Scrap 17 Book 2) by Erick Drake is a super funny comedy based in space. As the follow-up to The Doomsday Machine, this book takes the absurdity even further with a great cast of characters and bizarre settings along with plenty of hilarious action. There’s a great balance of the serious along with comedy, that skill truly being the mark of an accomplished writer. Loads of fun and a great escape, this one is highly recommended.” – Amazon Review

1960s Purple Sex Gas: the hilarious new novel from Erick Drake.


Space Scrap 17 Book 1

The Doomsday Machine

A brand new comedy space opera series

Could YOU work with your ex? Could you trust them to keep your secrets?

And when the Doomsday Machine comes for you both, which one of you will survive?

This is independent author Erick Drake’s debut novel, a parody space opera romp set in the politically unstable galaxy of the twenty-fourth century.

If you like Jasper Fforde and Douglas Adams, you’ll love this.

“Love the humour, laugh out loud funny. Completely bonkers characters and thoroughly entertaining. Cant wait to read follow up, Purple Sex Gas! Lol” – Amazon Review

“This was a really fun read. I found this to be similar to Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy in that it has an almost constant flow of humour. The narrative moves at a steady pace and does a good job of getting us to understand and enjoy the characters. Fans of comedies will enjoy this read, as will fans of light hearted science fiction.” – Amazon Review

“Like [Tom] Robbins, Drake is not only a magnificent storyteller, but also masterful with his language, humour, and snark. The ridiculous and pseudo-surreal nature of certain story details also summon visions of Douglas Adams . . . The writing is immersive and dense, with multilayered jokes and callback humour, as well as witty wordplay on nearly every page.” The Independent Review of Books