Space Scrap 17: 1960s Purple Sex Gas

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Tasked with an errand of mercy to save the victims of plagues disease, Captain Daisy Daryl is ordered to transport a vast quantity of illegal, highly toxic gas; a relic from the 1960s of old Earth.

For the crew, this is a concern. For the ship’s psychotic doctor, it is the missing ingredient she needs to recreate a legendary figure from the past. Because, as the chief engineer is to discover, contact with the 1960s Purple Sex Gas causes some unusual mutations. Seven-foot tall, slavering-death-monster-type mutations.

Featuring bum-headed telepaths, an Exposition Officer and holiday destinations in the Cotswolds, Space Scrap 17: 1960s Purple Sex Gas is the second book in the series (you don’t need to have read the first one before this). Perfect for fans of absurd, space-based anarchic fun.

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Like watching a sunrise post-surgery through fentanyl and propofol goggles!’ – Editorial Review

1960s Purple Sex Gas: A space opera comedy-drama (Space Scrap 17 Book 2) by Erick Drake is a super funny comedy based in space. As the follow-up to The Doomsday Machine, this book takes the absurdity even further with a great cast of characters and bizarre settings along with plenty of hilarious action. There’s a great balance of the serious along with comedy, that skill truly being the mark of an accomplished writer. Loads of fun and a great escape, this one is highly recommended.” – Goodreads reader review

“I’m not really a big fan of comedy books, but in this case I liked how the author builds a well developed story and plays with comedy and seriousness, knowing how to have a perfect balance in all senses that I really liked.” – Amazon reader review

“Daisy Daryl is back, along with her Ex and her misfit crew. While she only wants a peaceful life after the events from the past book, Daisy’s orders are to transport some toxic gas on a humanitarian mission. Hilarious hijinks ensure and Daisy attempts to stave off mutations, fix problems and obey her orders as best she can. I think that if you liked the first book, you will certainly be entertained by this one.” – Goodreads reader review

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(Best enjoyed with sound, but fine without)