Space Scrap 17: The Doomsday Machine

Doomsday Machine

The Doomsday Machine

A brand new comedy space opera series

Could YOU work with your ex? Could you trust them to keep your secrets?

And when the Doomsday Machine comes for you both, which one of you will survive?

Erick Drake’s debut novel, a parody space opera romp set in the politically unstable galaxy of the twenty-fourth century.

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“Love the humour, laugh out loud funny. Completely bonkers characters and thoroughly entertaining. Cant wait to read follow up, Purple Sex Gas! Lol” – Amazon reader review

“This was a really fun read. I found this to be similar to Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy in that it has an almost constant flow of humour. The narrative moves at a steady pace and does a good job of getting us to understand and enjoy the characters. Fans of comedies will enjoy this read, as will fans of light hearted science fiction.” – Amazon reader review

“Like [Tom] Robbins, Drake is not only a magnificent storyteller, but also masterful with his language, humour, and snark. The ridiculous and pseudo-surreal nature of certain story details also summon visions of Douglas Adams . . . The writing is immersive and dense, with multilayered jokes and callback humour, as well as witty wordplay on nearly every page.” The Independent Review of Books

“This hugely funny fast paced book is a laugh a minute. Packed to the ceiling with genre references for fans of multiple franchises. Its perfect length leaves you wanting more and not out staying its welcome. A skillful debut.” – Amazon reader review

“I enjoyed reading this book and could spot numerous influences from other sci-fi/fantasy series, including some the author doesn’t mention like perhaps Tom Holt.” – Amazon reader review

“Operating at the grimier end of the sci-fi spectrum, The Doomsday Machine differs from something like Red Dwarf through it’s sheer pace and evident love of the source material it lifts from. With far more than one gag per page on average it’s more like reading a US sitcom than your typical comedy novel, while the tropes and references go from the subtle to the obvious (cue title) but always with an original twist, ensuring that the story doesn’t feel like a lot of rip-offs stitched together. A rolicking pastiche with a sense of fun and original wit.” – Amazon reader review

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(Best enjoyed with sound, but fine without)